Architecture, theatrical inhabitants, epic cuisine & artistic flair will enchant us from the start. Arriving by private transport from León (Guanajuato International Airport), we will walk through walls into a secret and beautiful multi level garden of Florecer Casitas, our artist-designed and constructed retreat center where dancing faerie light and starlit nights will whisk you away into your imagination.

We start with exploring the winding mining town of Guanajuato to take in the narrow staircases, cave-like tunnels, Art Deco architecture and a wondrous rainbow of hillside neighborhoods, where art seeps from between the walls.

Learn the art of monotype printing, applying transparent layers of colors to bring life to an image.

Each participant will learn the art of making prints from renowned artist Hugo Anaya, and take home a wall-worthy print of their own making.

As we immerse ourselves in the magic of Mexico, we’ll also have the unique experience of celebrating their independence - an occasion that makes this trip even more magical and memorable to say the least.

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Trip Highlights

- Experience Guanajuato México, a city extracted from Escher’s Dreams;

- Immerse yourself in the wonder of Ancient Otomi Ruins;

- Learn about Herbal Medicinal Traditions of Ancient Mexico;

- Discover the wild forests and mushrooms of Gunajuato, Mexico;

- Cook the mushrooms we find from Chef Zachary, professional Mycophagist;

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More Trip Highlights

- Watch the spledor of Mexico’s Independence day from the best view in town;

- Make wall-worthy artworks with professional artist Hugo Anaya;

- Learn to  make home-style Mexican cuisine from an Abuela at our Retreat House;

- Eat at the best Mexican Restaurants in the heart of Guanajuato;

- Enjoy the incredible comforts of Florecer Casitas and leave with new friends!

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  • Artists Liz & Sara Mapelli of Casa de las Floristas

    Sara "Tink" Mapelli is a builder of alternative building techniques such as straw bale, and cordwood masonry. She is also a mixed media artist in the visual and digital arts. Beekeeping since 2001, Tink is known as the Bee Queen and dances with honey bees.

    Liz Mapelli spent most of her career creating large-scale glasswork for public spaces and individual artworks, covering walls, floors and ceilings with intricate and masterful art, based  in Portland, Oregon.  Upon moving to Mexico full time, she switched her focus on printmaking and built a studio within Florcere Casitas where she still works.

  • Our City Guide and Artist Extraordinaire, Hugo Anaya

    Hugo Anaya was born and raised in Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico. He was educated in Mexico and the United States. He studied art at the Portland Art Museum School and Portland State University. He apprenticed at Mahaffey Fine Art studio in Portland. His work has been exhibited in Oregon art galleries and in 2002 he was given a solo show at the Gene Byron Museum in Guanajuato. Hugo’s work is in public and private collections including The Gilkey Print Center in the Portland Art Museum. Our second day in Guanajuato, Hugo will guide us around the city, and we will learn the art of monotype printing, applying transparent layers of colors to bring life to an image... this professional grade artwork will be yours, and yours to take home!

  • Florcer Casitas, our artist's retreat for the week

    Florcer Casitas is Liz's home, studio and our retreat house for the week, filled with Mexican crafts from artists located in small villages from around Mexico. 

    In this idealistic setting for relaxation, there is an abundance of natural light; gardens and terraces have multiple city and mountain views, and the walls and paths are perfectly situated to take advantage of natural breezes & glorious sunsets.

    ​Each casita is furnished with original art, modern and fully equipped kitchens and baths, individual internet routers, gas fireplaces or heaters, comfortable beds with memory foam toppers, cotton sheets and down duvets, outdoor sitting areas, and privacy. The main house and outdoor areas are perfect for the workshops, dinners, and our time together with chefs, artists and guides of Guanajuato.

  • ​Our Mexican Mushroom Expert, Arif Towns Alonso

    Arif Towns Alonso is a Mexican biologist who leads workshops on mushroom cultivation and groups into the mountains to explore the incredible flora and fungi in the communities of the States of Mexico, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Hidalgo, and Oaxaca. Growing edible mushrooms himself, Arif studied Mycology and Taxonomy under the tutelage of Master Horalia Diaz Barriga, renowned Mexican mycologist, and has worked closely with renowned chefs for the advancement of mycophagy in Mexican cuisine.

    As a voice for conservation he has developed several projects in the state of Oaxaca, focusing on reforestation and taxonomy of fungi in Oaxaca and Guanajuato. In April 2022, he helped to organize a presentation to the Congress of Mexico to revise the statutes governing the use of psychedelic mushrooms for therapeutics.

  • Your Guide: Kim Hunter, Traveling Traders Bazaar

    After two decades in the fast-paced worlds of DC politics and Silicon Valley Tech, Kimberly Hunter followed her heart toward slow fashion, championing small-batch artisan production and showcasing the creative handiwork of individual artists. She believes that globally, we must elevate the wisdom of indigenous communities if we wish to heal our planet and each other. 

    Caught unexpectedly in Thailand in early 2020, Kim kickstarted her long-time dream, and founded Traveling Traders Bazaar, immediately supporting indigenous Hill-tribe artisans impacted by COVID with the production of face masks and a new collection of handwoven travel accessories with textiles by Lahu Hill Tribe artisans and handmade with her Fair Trade partners in Chiang Mai. Follow her work and adventures on Instagram @TravelingTradersBazaar

  • Your Guide: Zachary Mazi, The Fungivore

    Zachary Mazi has been known as a “mushroom chef” for the last decade. He has 21 years with wild mushrooms, from the Pacific Northwest to California, Mexico & Thailand. Due to the pandemic, Zachary found himself “stuck” in Thailand (where he proposed to Kim), presenting to N. American Mycological groups on the edible mushrooms of Northern Thailand. He is currently writing two books, one on Northern Thai (Lanna) cuisine, and one on Mycophagy.
    Zachary has been speaking & participating in mycological events in the U.S. for fall 2021 and winter 2022 sharing his continued work on the art & science of cooking mushrooms. For more information on the upcoming publications, tours, and events, you can follow him on Instagram at @Mycophagybook.

​Hi, we’re Zack & Kim!

We fell in love with Mexico about the same time that we fell in love with each other in 2018.

Avid travelers with curiosity & a deep appreciation for culture, food, & engaging people around the world, we believe that through travel & connecting with different cultures, we gain a greater understanding of the world, our place in it, and the better future that we can build together.

To be present in the magic of a place & its people; to listen and learn through a different lens; to experience first-hand with long time friends and wisdom keepers who are excited to share their traditions & ways of life...

Our guided adventures to Mexico began with a culinary tour in 2018 where we explored the full range of Mexican cuisine from the markets to pre-fixe 5 course fine dining. In recent years, we've hosted a groups for a foray-filled weeks in the mountains of Oaxaca & Veracruz.

Over several personal trips to Mexico, we have cultivated a rich relationship with the people, culture & cuisine that has culminated in this invitation to join guides, artisans & experts for a hands-on experience off-the-beaten path.

It's in this spirit that we share the magical town and people of Guanajuato with you. 


“Touring with Zachary and Kim is a total blast.

From the moment we first met, it felt like we had known each other for years! Our whole group felt like a little family during our trip. I’m not sure if I’ve ever eaten this well and had as many adventures on a guided tour before the Oaxaca mushroom foray! Hands down would go again. I loved being able to get off the beaten path and discover authentic Mexican cuisine, history, landscapes and connect with the wonderful people of Mexico.”                                                                                  

–Kaitlen, Minneapolis, MN; 2021 attendee

  • Price & Payment Schedule

    The price of this trip per person* : $2350.00 most expenses included**

    ***LAUNCH SPECIAL: $2200 UNTIL SUNDAY, May 15th****** Secure your deposit before May 15th & SAVE $150!!***

    Payment schedule:
    Step 1: Fill out Travel Questionnaire;
    Step 2: $500 Deposit due by May 30th***

    Step 3: $600, due June 21st;

    Step 4: $600, due July 21st;

    Step 5:$650, due August 20th (pay $500 by 5.15.22 & the final payment is $500.00 with Launch Discount)

    Step 6: See you in Guanajuato, September 11th!

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    *Double occupancy is assumed for our available accommodations. However, the $2350.00 is based on people booking individually.

    If you book together (to share a room) the cost is only $2200 per person! This discount is in addition to the Early Bird Discount, meaning you can save up to $300 per person if you book together and book early!

    Please note: To protect ourselves, our indigenous hosts & people of Mexico, proof of a SARS-Cov-2 Vaccination and booster will be REQUIRED to join this foray.

  • What is Covered on Trip

    To secure your place on this trip, fill out this questionnaire and we will be in touch ASAP.

    **Travel to & from Bajío International Airport, all meals, lodging, tours, activities, and workshops are included. Alcohol during meals, souvenirs, and some optional activities (see itinerary) are not included.

    ***The deposit will be non-refundable IN MOST CASES... If the trip is canceled for any reason, you will get ALL of your money back, guaranteed.

    [THE FLIGHT TO LEON  is not included. Please make travel arrangements to be able to join us September 11th in Baijo International Airport to be picked up for our opening dinner.