Maker Adventures for Textile Lovers

Embark on an enriching journey into the heart of Oaxaca's craft, culture, and cuisine with our exclusive 7-10 day immersions. Guided by insightful instructors and master artisans, these immersive experiences offer unparalleled opportunities to delve deep into the rich tapestry of Oaxacan traditions.

From the serene silk sanctuary hidden in the mountains to the bustling weaving village of Teotitlán del Valle nestled in the Valley, each adventure promises quality time with seasoned instructors and master artisans. Learn textile techniques passed down through generations as you deepen your craft and ignite your creativity amidst the vibrant colors and flavors of Oaxaca.

  • May 15–22, 2024: Woven Lives: Following the Thread

    An immersion in the culture and textile traditions of Oaxaca, and fascinating, 7-day journey where you will witness the art of weaving in Oaxaca and its transformation over the past fifteen years. We will visit artisans in their studios, study their work up close, and learn techniques in hands-on workshops. Learn more.

  • June 27- July 8, 2024: Impressions of Oaxaca

    A 10-day guided artistic journey to explore Oaxaca’s diverse craft traditions, natural beauty, and rich culture. On this embroidery workshop experience, you will take a deep dive into Oaxacan embroidery by engaging in hands-on learning alongside traditional and contemporary artists. On this trip, you won’t be a spectator, but an active maker. Learn more.

  • August 15-23, 2024: Forage & Dye the Wild Colors of Oaxaca's Sierra Sur Mountains

    With Alissa Allen of Mycopigments, on her third year joining The Fungivore in Oaxaca. This year we are going deep into the mountains of Oaxaca to learn the art of foraging and dyeing with mushrooms and lichens. We travel through the Ocatlan Valley to visit the artisan craft villages for which Oaxaca is known, and play in the Sierra Sur mountains, with cozy cabins and culinary delights served by mushroom chef Ariadne Pinacho. Learn more!

  • Aug 28 - Sept 5, 2024:Forage & Dye the Wild Colors of the Sierra Norte

    With Alissa Allen of Mycopigments, we are going deep into the mountains of Oaxaca to learn the art of foraging and dyeing with mushrooms and lichens. We'll travel to the Sierra Nortes, where we will explore the region for dye mushrooms with the San Pedro Cajonos community and dye with the silk-producing artisans there while staying in wood-fired adobe cabins and enjoying local, organic homemade meals by our mountain hosts. Learn more!

  • Carolyn Kallenborn, Artist & Tour/ Workshop Co-Leader

    Carolyn Kallenborn, Professor Emerita from the University of Wisconsin, is an internationally acclaimed artist working with textiles, film, installation, and community projects. She has 25 years of university teaching experience, leading students in collaboration and developing a personal creative practice.

  • Miriam Campos , Artist & Tour/ Workshop Co-Leader

    Miriam Campos is a 3rd generation embroidery artist from San Antonino Castil­lo Velasco in Oaxaca. She and her family are known for their signature designs and colorful floral embroidery. Miriam has exhibited in museums nationally and internationally including the Rufino Tamayo Museum in Oaxaca and Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.

  • Ana Paula Fuentes, Social Designer & Tour Co-Leader

    Ana Paula Fuentes is a photographer and social designer whose work centers on Mexican culture. Originally from Mexico City, Ana has lived in Oaxaca since 2005 and was the founding director of the Textile Museum of Oaxaca. A cultural guide in Mexico since 2013, she weaves connections between foreigners and locals, emphasizing cultural sensitivity and respect.

  • Alissa Allen, Mushroom Dye Master & Founder, Mycopigments

    Alissa is the founder of Mycopigments and instructor for our MyColores adventures. Sharing her passion for mushrooms for over 15 years with fiber artists and mushroom enthusiasts all over the world, Alissa uses brilliant colors found in fungal dyes to entice people to take a closer look at mushrooms and lichens and the role they play in our lives.

  • Ariadna Pinacho, Chef & Forager

    Our host for MyColores Sierra Sur, Chef and Owner of Huitzil Restaurant in San Jose del Pacifico, Ariadna is a genius of mycophagy, an accomplishment garnished with the front-of-the-house mastery by her partner Erik Gasga-Naranjo. Their meals have never not impressed, with an attention to detail so often overlooked in rural Oaxaca.

  • Celestino Mendez, Zapotec Nature Guide

    Celestino is a local Zapotec member of the Mancomunados of the Sierra Norte, farming and living in his native village of Latuvi. He is a nature guide, leads treks and brings experts to teach Mexican communities about eco-tourism and their natural resources. He is passionate about orchids, and has a deep knowledge of the forests & ecological diversity in the Sierra Norte.

  • Kim Hunter, Tour Co-Leader & Textile Lover

    Over several trips to Oaxaca, my husband and I have cultivated rich relationships with the land, people, culture, & cuisine of Oaxaca. Our passions have evolved into a business, Traveling Traders Bazaar, which offers hands-on, immersive tours into this fascinating region of the world. It's in this spirit that we share the Oaxaca that we know & love with you.

  • Zachary Hunter, Chief Fungivore

    An accomplished forager and chef for 20 years, Zachary has been fascinated by nature since he was able to walk. His wife Kimberly and he live in Oaxaca, Mexico. Starting in 2019, they have been leading MycoAdventures into the mountains of Mexico, to explore the vast world of mushrooms for eating and dyeing while learning more about the ancient knowledge kept by the indigenous people of Southern Mexico.

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