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Travel Accessories for Textile Lovers

Whether it’s a day in the park or weekend away, travel sustainably and in style with beautifully handwoven essentials that showcase indigenous textiles & support Hill Tribe artisans along the way.

Handwoven on a backstrap loom by Lahu Hill Tribe weavers in the mountains of Northern Thailand and handmade by Hill Tribe artisans in Chiang Mai, our essentials collection features a water bottle holder, utensil wrap, jewelry case, small pouch, and silky eye mask to help you travel beautifully.

  • Collaborative Design

    We thoughtfully co-design each accessory with our Fair Trade artisan partners. All our materials are locally sourced. We work with a network of Hill Tribe weavers and artisans to support small batch production in their homes around Northern Thailand.

  • Weaving the Textiles

    Our process starts in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Na La and Na Shi, skilled Lahu Hill Tribe artisans, weave hundreds of threads on a back-strap loom to create vibrant, beautiful, raw textiles. Together, we help preserve their traditions for future generations.

  • Handmade with Impact

    A collective of indigenous women transforms the raw textiles into beautiful accessories. Each product is handmade with love in Chiang Mai. Our impact-first production supports a network of Hill Tribe artisans and weavers who lost their livelihoods to COVID-19 across Northern Thailand.

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