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Travel Accessories for Textile Lovers

Whether it’s a day in the park or weekend away, travel sustainably and in style with beautifully handwoven essentials that showcase indigenous textiles & support Hill Tribe artisans along the way.

Handwoven on a backstrap loom by Lahu Hill Tribe weavers in the mountains of Northern Thailand and handmade by Hill Tribe artisans in Chiang Mai, our essentials collection features a water bottle holder, utensil wrap, jewelry case, small pouch, and silky eye mask to help you travel beautifully.

  • Collaborative Design

    Collaborative Design

    We thoughtfully co-design each accessory with our Fair Trade artisan partners. All our materials are locally sourced. We work with a network of Hill Tribe weavers and artisans to support small batch production in their homes around Northern Thailand.

  • Weaving the Textiles

    Our process starts in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Na La and Na Shi, skilled Lahu Hill Tribe artisans, weave hundreds of threads on a back-strap loom to create vibrant, beautiful, raw textiles. Together, we help preserve their traditions for future generations.

  • Handmade with Impact

    Handmade with Impact

    A collective of indigenous women transforms the raw textiles into beautiful accessories. Each product is handmade with love in Chiang Mai. Our impact-first production supports a network of Hill Tribe artisans and weavers who lost their livelihoods to COVID-19 across Northern Thailand.

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The Perfect Sidekick for the Adventurous Soul

Handwoven Water Bottle Holder with Adjustable Strap

Hi, I'm Kim

After two decades in the fast-paced worlds of D.C. politics and Silicon Valley Tech, I followed my heart toward slow fashion, championing small-batch artisan production and showcasing the creative handiwork of individual artists. I believe that globally, we must elevate the wisdom of indigenous communities if we wish to heal our planet and each other. 

After an unexpected 18 months in Thailand in early 2020, I founded Traveling Traders to support indigenous Hill-tribe artisans impacted by COVID with the production of face masks. In 2022, we collaborated to make a collection of travel accessories with handwoven textiles by Lahu Hill Tribe artisans and handmade with my Fair Trade partners in Chiang Mai. 

You can now find me in Oaxaca, Mexico, with my soul mate Zachary, where we lead boutique foraging and artisan tours and live a slow, intentional life in an adobe house in the mountains.

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