I'm Kim—the adventurous spirit behind Traveling Traders Bazaar,

The roots of this adventure trace back to a year-long solo journey around the world in 2012, where I found inspiration in the remarkable women artisans I encountered. Traveling Traders Bazaar was born as a dream to support and illuminate their craft and culture.

The story continued to unfold during an unexpected pause in Thailand amidst the pandemic, providing an opportunity to collaborate with Hill Tribe artisans. Together, we created facemasks and travel accessories showcasing embroidered and woven textiles and creating economic opportunities during a very difficult time.

Since those early artisan collections, our focus has organically evolved.

We've set sail on a mission to offer immersive hands-on maker experiences, carving out a space for textile enthusiasts to connect through meaningful travel and engaging maker immersions that inspire and delight.

In this new chapter, we extend an invitation to join conversations with master artisans, immerse in nature, and acquire new skills—a chance to slow down and embrace different ways of life rooted in quality and integrity.

Our journey is an exploration, an invitation to take a deeper dive into the incredible world of creating together.

It's about discovering not only how these beautiful pieces are made but also actively learning, applying new techniques, and gaining fresh perspectives, enriching both your creative work and day-to-day life.

Crafted with love, every moment, every interaction, and every piece is a testament to the beauty of a maker's life, regardless of the path that brought you here. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Travel Beautifully, Kim

  • Chef Zachary Hunter

    Zack is my partner in life and incredible business partner. A talented chef, forager, and sage of the world, Zack leads The Fungivore, our mushroom foraging adventures that include MyColores mushroom dyeing in Oaxaca. He also delights us with homecooked goodies and meals during our embroidery immersions.

  • Professor Carolyn Kallenborn

    Internationally acclaimed artist, filmmaker & Professor Emerita with 25 years of university teaching experience. Carolyn has been a cultural bridge between Oaxacan artisans and the international art community, collaborated with them in works for exhibitions and documentaries like Woven Lives.

  • Miriam Campos

    Miriam Campos is a 3rd generation embroidery artist from San Antonino Castil­lo Velasco in Oaxaca, known for signature designs and colorful floral embroidery. Miriam has exhibited around the world including the Santa Fe Folk Art Market and the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C.

  • Ana Paula Fuentes

    Ana Paula Fuentes is a photographer and social designer whose work centers on Mexican culture. Ana has lived in Oaxaca since 2005 and was the founding director of the Textile Museum of Oaxaca. Ana has led tours as a cultural guide in Mexico since 2013. Throughout her work, she weaves connections between foreigners and locals, emphasizing cultural sensitivity and respect.

  • More coming soon!

Learn more about Traveling Traders Bazaar mission and how we worked with Hill Tribe women artisans during the pandemic to create our ethically made and thoughtfully designed products.

Listen to this 30 minute podcast with Kim, TTB's Founder, to hear about getting unexpectedly stuck in Thailand, get tips on sustainable travel, and why to choose Fair Trade over Fast Fashion.

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