Take in Oaxaca’s rich culture, cuisine & nature over 7 full days & 8 nights as we forage, cook, & craft with local Zapotecs in verdant Sierra Norte highlands & explore the ancient history, epic cuisine, & indigenous artisanship of the region.

Our trip will be book-ended in the cultural and foodie mecca of Oaxaca City with most of our time immersed in the mountains and valleys, exploring the diverse edible (and dyeable) landscape with our Zapotec friends, sharing generations of knowledge from nature to traditional cooking, natural dyeing, fiber arts, and more.

Our mountain retreat...

Nestled in a small Zapotec hillside town, we'll spend three days exploring the surrounding nature, ancient ruins and finding edible and dyeing delights in the forest with the local community in the abundance of micro-climates that the Sierra de Juarez mountains offer in flora, fauna, and funga.

While in one of the culinary and cultural capitals of Mexico, we'll enjoy meals at some of the most delicious restaurants in Oaxaca City, as well as learn how to cook mushrooms in the traditional ways of the Zapotec, and explore some of Chef Zachary’s more modern techniques as well.

Topping off our travels, we'll visit the gorgeous Hierve del Agua–a frozen waterfall–see the birthplace of maíze, and take a spirit guided tour of ancestral Mezcal deep in the mountains of the Ruta de Mezcal, Matalán.

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“Touring with Zachary and Kim is a total blast.

From the moment we first met, it felt like we had known each other for years! Our whole group felt like a little family during our trip. I’m not sure if I’ve ever eaten this well and had as many adventures on a guided tour before the Oaxaca mushroom foray! Hands down would go again. I loved being able to get off the beaten path and discover authentic Mexican cuisine, history, landscapes and connect with the wonderful people of Mexico.”                                                                                  

–Kaitlen, Minneapolis, MN; 2021 attendee

  • Zapotec Guide, Celestino Mendez

    Celestino was born in Latuvi, a Zapotec village within the Benito Juarez Mancomunados, a group of eight Zapotec communities working together to benefit the whole region. He grew up in LA, returning to his passion, his home and his ancestral land as an adult.

    His working relationships with many of the communities speak volumes of his character. His guidance and leadership in the 2021 tour was indispensable, and along the way we became fast friends and are working on partnership for many more tours to come.

  • Zapotec Weaver, Dr. Sam Lazo

    Our host for three nights, Samuel grew up in the Zapotec way of life with a family of weavers in Teotitlan de Valle. In his own journey of self-discovery, Samuel has revisited his people’s written history from an indigenous perspective. For the better part of the week, you will be immersed in one of the cradles of civilization at the hands of none better to guide you. 

    From the oral stories of the Benizaá people from the last Ice Age, Dr. Sam will help us understand the depth & wisdom of his ancestral people & land.

  • Mushroom Dye Master, Alissa Allen (Weeks 1 & 2)

    Admirers of her work for a long time, but never able to get into her in-demand workshops at SOMA, we decided to invite Alissa to Oaxaca so we could have her all to ourselves for two weeks!

    Alissa is the founder of Mycopigments. She specializes in teaching about regional mushroom and lichen dye palettes to fiber artists and mushroom enthusiasts all over the world. Alissa got her start in the Pacific Northwest and has been sharing her passion for mushrooms for over 15 years.

    Alissa uses brilliant colors found in fungal dyes to entice people to take a closer look at mushrooms and lichens and the role they play in our lives.

    Tickets for her week-long Fungi and Fiber Symposium 2022 (October 16-22 in Port Townsend, WA)  are on sale now!

  • Mushroom Dye Master, Cheshire Mayrsohn (Week 3)

    We are happy to announce the addition of Cheshire Mayrsohn for our 3rd week in Oaxaca! 

    The Lichen Display at the Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom festival launched Cheshire’s interest in dyeing fibers using mushrooms and lichens where she helps staff the display on behalf of Northwest Lichenologists

    She was often asked the question – Can you dye with lichens? This question led Cheshire to explore how to use lichens, mushrooms and plants in fiber arts.

    Over ten years later she has become a local expert on dyeing with mushrooms and lichens; offering classes through the Eugene Textile Center and giving talks at Mushroom Festivals and Forays throughout the Pacific Northwest. After dyeing yarns, she then knits them into hats and scarves. Cheshire is a retired botanist for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a founding member of the Cascade Mycological Society (CMS).

​Hi, we’re Zack & Kim!

We fell in love with Mexico about the same time that we fell in love with each other in 2018. Avid travelers with curiosity & a deep appreciation for culture, food, & engaging people around the world, we believe that through travel & connecting with different cultures, we gain a greater understanding of the world, our place in it, & the better future that we can build together.

To be present in the magic of a place & its people; to listen and learn through a different lens; to experience first-hand with long time friends and wisdom keepers who are excited to share their traditions & ways of life...

Over several trips to Oaxaca, we have cultivated a rich relationship with the people, culture, & cuisine that has culminated in this invitation to join local Zapotec guides, artisans, & experts for a hands-on, immersive window into this cradle of civilization.

It's in this spirit that we share the Oaxaca that we know & love with you. 

  • Price & Payment Schedule

    The price of this trip per person* : $2149.00 most expenses included**.

    To secure your place on this trip, fill out this questionnaire and we will be in touch ASAP.

    $1999 UNTIL April 30th for Week 3! (WEEK 1/2 ARE SOLD OUT!)

    ***Secure your deposit before April 30th & SAVE $150!!***

    Payment installation schedule:

    Step 1: Fill out Travel Questionnaire;

    Step 2: Provide Proof of COVID Vaccination and Booster;

    Step 3: $500 NON-REFUNDABLE** Deposit due by April 30th***

    Step 4: $500, due May 30th;

    Step 5: $500, due June 30th;

    Step 6: $649, due July 20th (Friend & Early Bird discounts will be applied to this final payment)

    Step 7: See you in OAXACA, August 13th (July 16th and July 30th for weeks 1 & 2, respectively)

  • Application + Additional Discounts


    *Double occupancy is assumed for our available accommodations. However, the $2149.00 is based on people booking individually. If you book together the cost is only $1999 per person! Book before APRIL 30th with a friend and save an additional $150 each (only $1849)! The double booking discount DOES NOT EXPIRE.

    Please note: To protect ourselves, our indigenous hosts & people of Mexico, proof of a SARS-Cov-2 Vaccination and booster will be REQUIRED to join this foray.

  • What is Covered on Trip

    To secure your place on this trip, fill out this questionnaire and we will be in touch ASAP.

    **Ground transportation to & from Oaxaca International Airport (OAX) to Oaxaca City, all meals, lodging, tours, activities, and workshops are included. Alcohol during meals, souvenirs, and some optional activities (see itinerary) are not included.

    ***The deposit is non-refundable IN MOST CASES. We use it immediately to secure transportation, lodging and reservations. However in 2020, the full cost of the trip, deposits included, was fully refunded due to the pandemic. If the trip is canceled for any reason, you will get ALL of your money back, guaranteed.)

    [THE FLIGHT TO OAXACA is not included. Please make travel arrangements to be able to join us August 13th (July 16th and July 30th for weeks 1 & 2, respectively) in Oaxaca for dinner.]